For Lending Organisations

Designed to assist lending organisations, Juno is a powerful product that helps you understand the likely outcomes of your decisions. By leveraging advanced analytics and predictive modelling, Juno provides valuable insights into the potential risks and identifies actionable changes to improve outcomes.

How Juno Works — Actionable Recommendations

With Juno, you gain a deep understanding of the complex nature of mortgage arrears and their long-term implications.

What sets Juno apart is its actionable recommendations.

It goes beyond predictions and offers practical guidance on specific changes and interventions that can be implemented to improve outcomes. Leveraging the power of machine learning and explainable AI, Juno identifies patterns and correlations that traditional risk assessments might miss, enabling you to take timely and targeted actions.

Who is Vesta Insights?

Our AI platform anticipates arrears, provides insights in customer behaviour, and guides users on actions that will reduce arrears and foreclosures.

What We Do:

  1. Predict: Using our machine learning models, we predict different types of arrears, from missing a few payments to foreclosures over different timeframes.
  2. Explain: Our machine learning methods provide insights into the factors contributing to the occurrence of arrears and foreclosures.
  3. Action: With a user-friendly interface, Vesta Insights will guide users on the key actions they should take in order to reduce the predicted arrears and / or foreclosures.

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